Empowering non-profit organizations
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Heather Hudson
Owner of HJ Hudson Consulting

About HJ Hudson Consulting

We are passionate about helping non-profit organizations with QuickBooks and their accounting processes and procedures!

Heather Hudson is the owner of HJ Hudson Consulting. She is a CPA, but doesn’t “live” in the typical CPA world.  Her specialty is QuickBooks and day to day accounting, as opposed to tax or audit.  Heather has been certified in QuickBooks for over 18 years and really enjoys helping individuals and businesses discover how helpful and insightful QuickBooks can be. 

Many times as a CPA, we can tell our clients that something isn’t quite right in QuickBooks.  However, advising how to fix it, while abiding by the mannerisms in QuickBooks, can be tricky. We can bridge that gap because we understand the accounting piece and the QuickBooks piece.

We have worked across many industries, from non-profit to oil and gas and retail to construction.  This has provided us a resource base to help you gain efficiency through customization of QuickBooks and consulting on improved accounting processes and procedures.


Our vision is to improve the world around us through the work of non-profit organizations.

Our Mission


We educate non-profit organizations on financial management, enabling them to provide their highest level of services and, in the process, strengthen their agencies.


We coach non-profit organizations to create diverse and effect working boards, standardize processes, mitigate risk, strengthen donor and team relationships and obtain strategic goals.


We partner with organizations that provide industry-specific support and resources to non-profit organizations.

I know how important it is to have accurate financial information to help you manage your finances and make key decisions about your organization or business. The health of your QuickBooks file and surrounding processes is critically important to your success!

—Heather Hudson

What we do


Spending so much time on the day-to-day accounting aspect with our clients and having provided bookkeeping services in the past, provides us the expertise to help you meet your bookkeeping needs!


QuickBooks consulting is all about you learning the features and functions in QuickBooks. Want to learn the tricks of the trade? 


Heather Hudson has been a QuickBooks instructor for over 17 years, teaching at training institutes, colleges, and in private settings.


“Heather assisted us in setting up Quickbooks for our small business. We had not been using the program to it’s full advantage and it was after engaging Heather that we were then able to learn how to use additional features, set up our accounts and have a more organized and useful set of books for the year. She is always responsive and it was a very good investment for us!”

Certified Expert In...

Let us help you achieve your QuickBooks goals!

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